We are Maria and Ruben, a couple from Norway, and we decided to put our cookbook online!

This way we will never forget it when we go somewhere. And you might get something out of it too.

We are not chefs! We are just a couple who enjoys cooking good food. And since we actually work as web designers, then hey, why not make our cookbook online.

All of the recipes here are either the ones we have collected over the years and written down in our physical cookbook, or it is one of our many go to dinners.

In our book some of the recipes are written down from an american site, so the measurements will sometimes be a bit strange as we have converted them to the metric system.

We love Asian food, so you will find that the majority of the recipes are from that region, especially Korea. However, we do love to try recipes from all over the world, so we will  hopefully soon have a more balanced assortment of recipes from all over the world :)