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Beef in Pita

20-30 minutes



150 g of beef

½ red paprika 

½ red chili

1 tbsp garam masala

½ lime

Salt and pepper

Oil for cooking


1 tomato

½ red onion

1 spring onion

½ lime


Sour Cream Dressing: 

½ box of sour cream

1 tsp mayonnaise

1 clove of garlic

Salt and pepper


Start by making the salsa and sour cream dressing. For the salsa, chop up the tomato, onion and spring onion. Combine in a bowl and squeeze the juice of half a lime over it. Season with pepper.

Mix the sour cream with mayonnaise, a crushed garlic and salt and pepper. Set the salsa and dressing aside.

Slice the beef, paprika and chili into pieces. Cook these with some oil in a frying pan for a few minutes. Add the spices and let the beef cook all the way through. Squeeze over the juice of the other half of the lime.

Serve in pita bread :)