Creamy fish soup


2 Carrots, cut into medium cubes

1 Potato, cut into medium cubes

6 dl fish bouillon

2 dl milk

2 tbsp all purpose flour

Fish and other seafood (add the amount you want)

1 dl heavy cream

1 tbsp chives

Salt and Pepper

Creme fraiche

Sriracha sauce


Cook the the vegetables in the fish bullion for 8-10 minutes in a large pot.

Mix milk and flour in a container, then add it to the pot while whisking. Simmer for 5 minutes.

Lower the temperature and add the seafood, let it simmer again for 5 more minutes.

Add the cream while stirring. Then add salt and pepper to taste. We also like to add a dash of creme fraiche and sriracha to heighten the flavor.

Sprinkle the chives over the soup and serve.