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Vegetarian Bibimbap

1 hour


(The amount depends on how many bibimbaps you want to make, but you need about 1-2 tbsp of each main ingredient for one bowl, pluss 1 egg)

Bean Sprouts

Carrot, julienned


Squash, cut into sticks

Mushroom, thinly sliced (preferably shiitake)


Oil, salt, minced garlic, sesame seeds, sesame oil soy sauce and sugar for seasoning the vegetables and cooking.

Bibimbap sauce:

2 tbsp gochujang (Koran chilli paste)

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp water

1 tbsp roasted sesame seeds

1 tsp light vinegar 

1 tsp minced garlic



First you need to prepare all the ingredients separately. Boil the beansprouts for about 20 minutes with a bit of salt. Rinse in cold water, and mix in a bit of garlic and sesame oil. 

Boil the spinach for a few minutes with a bit of salt. Rinse in cold water and try and squeeze out most of the water. Mix in some sesame seeds, sesame oil and garlic. 

Sprinkle some salt on both the carrot and squash separately, and let it sit for a few minutes. Try and squeeze out extra water with a paper towel. Fry the carrot in some oil for a few minutes. Then fry the squash with some sesame oil and garlic for a few minutes.

Fry the mushroom in some oil with a bit of garlic, sugar and soy sauce for a few minutes.

Set the vegetables aside, and prepare the rest of the ingredients. Cook some rice while you fry an egg and mix the bibimbap sauce together. 

Now it’s time to arrange the bowl. Add some rice, then put a spoonful of each vegetable in a circle around the bowl. Put an egg on top, and add as much of the bibimbap sauce as you like. If you have some kimchi lying around, you should add this as an ingredient as well!

Now the bowl looks pretty, but i recommend that you mix everything together before you eat it. Bibimbap, after all, means mixed rice :)

There are a lot of steps in this recipe, but the end result is (in our opinion) definitely worth it!

You can of course also add meat to this dish. One of our favorite ways to eat it is in a hot stone bowl. The meat is served raw, and you stir it in until it is cooked. 

Another delicious way to eat it is with a bit of bulgogi meat :)